Not doing so great… :(

Kawanee is struggling.

I don’t even know what’s setting me off right now. It started last saturday, just couldn’t hang out with my aunts at the karaoke night, crying at an event like that is kind of a bummer. It’s continued all week. Crying myself to sleep… random times I’m fighting not to cry over nothing.

Broke down yesterday on the phone with someone filing a claim, then about 3 times today at work. Once on the phone… the other just talking with people.

My Blood pressure is up, the doctor now reversed what they said to do for my leg. No more wrapping it… still on aspirin though. They referred me to someone else… the check engine light came on in my car. Work isn’t going well, I’m on a write up for my handle time. I have struggled with it and I’ve brought the call time down by another 20 seconds…

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