…have yeez been introduced to my Jack Calder characters yet?…

New information from Seumas.

Seumas Gallacher

…the inevitable question arrived the other day, when I was Guest Speaker at The Royal University for Women in Bahrain… are the characters in the books modelled after ‘real’people?… for a split second, I felt that p’raps the audience thought the players in the novels were only figments of my imagination… heaven forfend, Mabel!

…every writer worth his/her scribbling salt will tell yeez that ‘of course our characters are real… they all live in our heads… and argue with us… and disagree with us… and cause us endless sleepless nights with their constant debating with us as to what they are supposed and supposed not to do in our narratives’… but let me hit the ‘pause’ button for a few seconds… and ‘fess up… when I re-read any of my Jack Calder series, it becomes quite apparent that subconsciously or otherwise, the characters do seem to have…

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Digital bunny

Sue’s unhappy accident.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I shut my fingers in the door
And I can’t use them any more
They will not bend,
They will not press,
They’re little use to help me dress,
They can’t do buttons, keys or rings…
In fact, they can’t do many things.
I really need the fingers working
Lest it seem that I am shirking.
Pain all through my hand and wrist
My normal happy self is … well…
I’m not quite pleased, it isn’t funny
This is not a happy bunny.

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Stilwater the Squid Wrestler

We learn about a new occupation, squid wrestling.

Tallis Steelyard

sleeping shepherd

Strangely enough, recently a number of people have asked me to tell them the tale of Stilwater the Squid Wrestler. At one time I told it regularly, but after a short while you realise that there is a danger that too many people have heard it more than once. When they start critiquing not the tale but the way you told it ‘this time’ it’s probably a hint that you ought to broaden your repertoire.

It’s a good tale because there are all sorts of extra details you can add, depending on just how long a space has to be filled in the programme. On the other hand you can tell a somewhat bald and unremarkable version in a couple of minutes. Obviously I feel the latter lacks something. On the other hand I have ultracrepidarians telling me that I know nothing and that brevity is the soul of wit…

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Pip Sees a Pug – in the Kitchen

Another addition to Teagan’s story.

Teagan's Books

Note:  I’m having persistent computer>Internet problems.  So my availability to return comments may be limited.3-things-cover_3-2016

Some of you have already seen this post at Suzanne’s blog, A Pug in the Kitchen.  However,  I wanted to share it here too.  I have done a few collaborative blog posts with her, and we have a ton of fun.  Thanks for doing another joint post with me, Suzanne! 

When Suzanne said she could do a dog treat recipe, I thought of my character, Wriggles. What serendipity that the pug character was inspired by Suzanne’s blog!

However, first I want to share the wonderful recipe Suzanne provided, and her ever so kind introduction.  Homemade dog treats — Percy is one lucky pug!  I’m going to hand this over to Suzanne (and Percy) at A Pug in the Kitchen.  Take it away Suzanne!


I LOVE collaborating with Teagan on a blog post, it’s fun and I…

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Leg Update:

An update from Kawanee.

So I called them back, talked to someone else. I have a blood clot in a superficial vein and I’m supposed to take aspirin for the next 3 months. I also have been told to wrap my leg in an ace bandage, elevate it, and apply heat 4x a day.

HA, when I told them I wanted to stop hurting, the nurse said: We don’t prescribe narcotics… I’m like WOMAN, I said make it stop hurting. I meant FIX it, not give me something to not care about it hurting. Why do they assume I want drugs? They don’t fix the problem.

It’s been wrapped and I’m keeping it elevated as much as I can…. seems to be helping. That’s good! Not sure what they want to do about the skin peeling off, but one step at a time. My insurance sent me a letter saying it was cellulitis… supposedly…

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Smorgasbord Time for some Laffs ( and aahh moments) – What life look like!

Ha, ha. This caused me to laugh out loud and made my day.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine


My lovely friend Mrs. T… author Tina Frisco has sent over some more gems to share with you....

This is what SORRY looks like.


This is what TIRED looks like


This is what BAD SPELLING looks like


This is what INTIMACY looks like


This is what COURAGE looks like


This is what your TAX DOLLARS look like.


This is what I CAN WAIT looks like.


This is what IMPATIENCE looks like


This is what A HELPING HAND looks like.


This is what COLD looks like


This is what BAD MOOD looks like.


My thanks to Mrs. T. and here is how you can buy her books.


Read the reviews and buy the books:https://www.amazon.com/Tina-Frisco/e/B009NMOFNY

I hope you have enjoyed these funnies and please feel free to pass them on. Thanks Sally

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The Joy of Watching Paint Dry

Another hilarious post by Russell.

What's So Funny?

For someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I pride myself on being able to whip up a good mess. Since I don’t have any formal training, this must be a God-given talent. All I have to do is enter the room and the counters go from pristine to a disaster area in 4.9 seconds.

Some of those who’ve witnessed my creations suggested I launch my own cooking show, “Wrecking with Russell,” on cable TV. While I’m flattered by their faith in my ability to trash an entire room in an attempt to boil water, I’m told the show would cost far too much to produce due to the excessive staff required for clean up.

If this is your first visit to Friday Flash Fiction, the retired cake decorator who never let a dollop of icing hit the counter is Betty Crocker Wisoff-Fields. To learn how…

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Writing Chapter One – Tips

Great advice on the main points of your story.

Myths of the Mirror


I’ve wanted to write about first chapters for a while, primarily because they’re so important. After all, they’re the gateway to Chapter 2 and getting a reader to Chapter 2 is a fantastic idea.

I did some research and almost instantly the rule-resistant rebel in me kicked in. She’s the writer who scowls at formulas, who insists that form has to fit the story, not the other way around. She’s the reader who doesn’t want to read the same story over and over with different titles.

Well, I suppressed the first-born smarty-pants part of my personality and learned a few things.

First, I learned that there are actually a number of perfectly legitimate types of first chapters. Writer’s Digest has a great article by Jeff Gerke that describes 4 approaches with examples (summarized here):

  • The Prolog – A prolog is an episode that pertains to your story but does not…

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Who are the innocent anyway?

Another amusing story by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


It was Susan who brought Mistress Meena to mind. It happened years ago now, as always I was younger then. But still, she was (and is) an interesting lady. When I first came across her she was a very minor guest at an affair I was assisting at. She appeared, as if from nowhere, a year or two before I start my story, and lived in a pleasant enough house in Dilbrook. It was situated on one of the less fashionable avenues, where frankly I think the houses are nicer, less ostentatious and seem designed more for gracious and comfortable living than display.

It was strange, there seemed to be a group of ladies who were not entirely happy to see her. Nothing was said to her face, but there was some interesting gossip if you stood in the right place and just ‘let your ears flap.’ In the course…

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