Where the sun doesn’t shine

Another fascinating story from Jim and Tallis.

Tallis Steelyard


There are patrons who patronise you for entirely the wrong reasons. Either you are this season’s fashion, or they hope you’ll put in a good word for them with another patron; or in the case of Madame Cockeren, because her husband damned well told her to. Now between ourselves, I rather like Old Bluffer Cockeren. He’s a cheerful, happy-go-lucky chap; casual, easy come-easy go, happy to stand anybody a drink. Not common traits in leading lawyers but then it wouldn’t do if everyone was the same.

If he does have a weakness (other than being a casual, happy-go-lucky lawyer) it’s that he is still labouring under the delusion that his lady wife is the same girl that he wooed and won forty years previously. Given that she fought a feud with my patron, Madame Mudfold which caused me to spend some time in the city of Oiphallarian waiting for tempers…

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