When wrinkles rankle…

A great post by Sue.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“Would you anti-age your ears?”.

There are just some phrases that set you off for some reason. That was one of them. “Over 50? Invest in an eyebrow pencil…”,“ Best buys in cosmetic surgery…” And while I cannot help wondering if there is a two for one offer on some of the procedures in that last article, the list, apparently goes on.

Now let’s get this straight. Not only are we supposed to worry about the general effects of ageing… you know, the important stuff like the mechanics seizing up, the joints creaking and the effects of general, long-term wear and tear…. We also have to worry about how we are going to cover all this ageing up. I’m not talking about staying healthy here. That would just be a sensible goal. No, I’m talking about aesthetics, and the articles that litter the home page of my email account and…

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