Another update: leg and etc.

Kawanee found a good doctor.

Soooo went to the doctor Friday. She was mean and manhandled my leg, dug her big ole man hands into the “abnormality” on my leg. I wanted to hit her, and yelped: “No one has touched it before!”  She straight up gave me a blank look and said: “Someone should’ve by now…”

Yes…. I suppose, but it hurt like nobody’s business! and I was mad about it.

Official diagnosis: It’s a deep bone bruise, it could take a year or more to heal. Wrap it or no, aspirin or no, it’ll heal when it heals. It could be a permanent mark on my leg, and some permanent nerve damage.

Sooooo yay! *sarcasm*

Now, they are putting me on some pills for anxiety and depression. I told her I don’t want to take pills… I told her I was doing okay, and getting better.

She asked if I had trouble…

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