Tripping the light fantastic

Another great story from Jim and Tallis.

Tallis Steelyard


I have always been fond of dancing, for a man who can twirl an elegant leg with the best of them, it’s the perfect pastime. But I realise that there are mixed opinions on the topic.

One of the more mixed is the opinion held by Sultas Enore. Sultas is no longer as young and as spry as he once was, and may indeed be getting crotchety with age. In his youth he trained as a Chirotonsor but by listening carefully to the wiser of his patrons he managed to earn a considerable sum backing horses at the races. From here he branched out into property, before investing in a number of businesses so that by the time he reached his middle years he was able to relax a little and devote what little leisure time he had to poetry and literature.

As a poet he caused something of a…

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