Well…. the struggle continues.

Kawanee’s update

I filled my happy pill prescription, took my first one last night. And less than 30 minutes after that, my doorbell rang. Someone asked if I had a black and white cat…. my son put him outside because the little female we have is in heat and they were crying at each other through closed doors.

You guessed it… Tux got hit by a car and died last night. I’m telling you, I’m tired of this BS. I’m getting mad…  Life needs to find someone else to pick on, I’m done. Soooooo freaking done! I feel like my life is an awful country song.

Worst of all is I told my son, he’s a black and white cat. I don’t want him outside, especially at night, he’s too hard to see and mentioned that I was worried about him getting hit.

At least someone came to let me know before…

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