….Authors… what price yer literary masterpieces on Amazon Kindle?…

Seumas’ viewpoint on ebooks versus printed books.

Seumas Gallacher

…I’ve just been following and participating in an interesting thread on a readers group page, the splendid Bookshop Cafe Group, on Facebookabout preferences for print versus eBooks and the respective pricing for these… in truth, that kinda discussion has been going on since ever I’ve been a self-publishing scribbler, which is almost a decade now… I think I’ve seen the tide of opinion flow from the, ‘I’ll never give up reading REAL books I can touch and smell’ comments to a more balanced, ‘a book is a book in whatever format it comes’… of course, there are many who will only read a printed tome… and lotsa folks who don’t own a Kindle, nor feel inclined to download its free app to whatever electronic device they use… and their choice should be respected… as a reader myself, as well as being a writer, I recall…

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