Only two days left to get your free boxed set

Free boxed set of great detective thrillers.

Author Don Massenzio

This weekend, I’m running a special promotion on the first three books of my five book Frank Rozzani Detective Series. You can pick up Books 1-3 plus a bonus Frank short story FREE for your Kindle this weekend (4/29 – 5/1). You can get your copy HERE.

Here is a bit about the books:

This is the complete three book arc that introduces Frank Rozzani and his team including Jonesy, Anita, Nancy, Fat Sam, and, of course, Lucy. This collection is available for one low price. Here is a synopsis of each book:

A 16 year old girl has disappeared. The police believe she is a runaway. Her parents believe she has been taken and is being held against her will. When the parents enlist the services of Frank Rozzani, a former police officer turned private detective, a series of events begins to…

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6 thoughts on “Only two days left to get your free boxed set

    • Thanks, Kev. I’d read the first of that series some months ago when it was offered free but had to get the set to get the others free. I loved the first book and did a review of it. Don is a writer who does his research and it shows in his books. I hope you enjoy his writing as much as I did. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  1. Okay, now I feel better. I saw this copy on my phone the other day and could not remember where I’d gotten it! Or even that I had gotten it! Whew. Not going crazy after all and I can now read and enjoy.

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