Tidying up the lose ends

Another interesting and humorous story by Jim and Tallis.

Tallis Steelyard


In spite of some of the memories, (Who now remembers the nipple-tassel poisoner?) I fondly recall performing at the house of the younger madam Oliphal. Her maid, Lottie, was determined to keep on top of things. She’d even prepared a wide selection of mop overshoes. So every guest who arrived, no matter who they were, was handed an appropriately sized pair of these to slip over their shoes, to ensure they didn’t trample dirt into the house.

When I first performed there, Lottie was probably about twelve or thirteen and it was her first position. Thus she was perhaps more influenced by the younger madam than an older maid would have been.

When there was only the two of them living in the house, Madam Efilia Oliphal only used one upstairs room and Lottie of course slept in the maid’s room off the servants’ pantry next to the kitchen. The…

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