Another update :)

Things are improving for Kawanee as she gets more help.

Okay, sooo 2 weeks into “happy pills”, they don’t make me happy, but the sadness doesn’t seem to be as overwhelming. Mood swings aren’t as bad. I didn’t know those were signs of depression and anxiety. I mean I did, and do… but when you’re the one having those things you don’t see it.

Those around you see the mood changes, the short temper, and the effects it has on you. I still don’t sleep well, I bury myself in foods I’m not used to eating. I don’t want to leave the house, even though I want to. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense. I want to do things, like write, read, color, go for walks, sing, go visit family and do things and yet I just don’t. I like to do those things… but I don’t.

I am in counseling now, she’s really nice. She listens…

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