The continuation of politics by other means; further elucidation

A continuation of the previous interesting story by Jim and Tallis.

Tallis Steelyard

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert Tutt'Art@ (3)

As a mutual acquaintance commented, ‘Ranal O’Var seems to have shrugged off the distressing death of his mother with the nonchalant unconcern one would expect from one brought up in the gladiatorial arena that is Uttermost Partann.’

Still, perhaps because he no longer had to watch his back, nor second-guess his mother’s plotting; Ranal relaxed and started to expand his horizons within Port Naain. Lacking all sense of shame, he started calling himself a poet. He produced a couple of pieces that entered the standard anthologies, gave a few readings at some of the wealthier parvenu households and then acquired a teaching post in the University.

Admittedly the latter are easily come by, I’ve held them. Unfortunately you’re paid by your students, who as a class are seldom generous. Ranal overcame this obstacle to his prosperity. Rather than expecting to be paid per lecture, he just insisted that students signing…

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