Writer in Residence Extra – Meet the In-Laws – Our Neanderthal relatives – by Paul Andruss


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We dip into the archives on Paul’s blog to discover more about our ancestory. Are Neanderthals extinct or do they live on in some of us?

Paul Andruss has a great new look about page.. head over and share around please… Paul’s blog is a treasure trove of ancient history and modern legends that he deconstructs and delivers brilliantly.. Definitely a blog to follow.. Nominated in this year’s #BloggersBash Awards….Most informative blog and well deserved.

Meet the In-Laws – Our Neanderthal Relatives by Paul Andruss

Neanderthal family: not too different from us

Not only is the human genome project completed – the mapping of all 24,000 human genes, but scientists have also completely mapped the Neanderthal Genome; from DNA recovered from bones dating back some 38,000 years. The results were surprising and have caused a total re-assessment of one of our closest cousins.

Like the rest of our relatives –…

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