Knowing your onions

Another rollicking tale from Jim Webster and Tallis Steelyard.

Tallis Steelyard


I’m not sure how many people remember Lossina Hanchkillian-Rochal- Oeltang. From her name alone you could see she was a young woman of good family and well connected. Unfortunately her mother was a lady of strange ideas. One of these was that her daughter was a delicate flower, a perpetual innocent who must be protected from the vices of the world.

It has to be confessed that this is a stance most fathers seem willing to accept   in moderation about their daughters, but for Lossina’s mother, moderation was an abomination. To her it was merely a symptom of the decline in modern morals and she classed it alongside fraternising with the servants, wearing fewer than four petticoats and dancing naked in the moonlight.

Thus it was that Lossina was banished from the family’s town house in Port Naain to their rural estate which was located just outside the southern walls…

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