The US Senate’s Republican Health Care Bill Under Consideration Is “Fool’s Gold”

Latest information on the Health Care bill

Gronda Morin

Image result for PHOTOS OF 13 SENATORS WORKING ON AHCAUS Senate republicans are operating under the premise that they have to pass their AHCA healthcare act, which was recently formed over a two month time span in secret, with only 13 White male senate members at the helm.

The followers of the republican Donald Trump have been demanding the repeal of Obamacare with a replacement policy, not because this is what most Americans want, but because of those voters who hate anything accomplished by the prior democratic President Barack Obama. And I could live with this if the replacement policy did what the president promised his supporters which was to provide them with better quality healthcare coverage to more peoples at a lower cost.

Image result for PHOTOS OF 13 SENATORS WORKING ON AHCABut it appears that the president’s followers really do not care about this healthcare proposal, his playing footsies with the Russians, his conflict of interest issues, etc., as long as he destroys whatever the former…

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