CBO Numbers Are Out On The Senate Healthcare Bill (6/26/17)

What’s happening with the Healthcare bill

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of senators pushing for healthcare lawAs of the late afternoon on 6/26/17, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) numbers are out on the US Senate’s version of Trumpcare which are bad news for the republicans, if they ever even cared about the well-being of their their average Joe constituents.

The republican senate leaders do not want to wait to pass this bill after the July 4th holidays when the republicans would have traveled to their home districts where they would definitely have heard from disgruntled constituents, and so D-Day for the senate’s vote on its version of Trumpcare, is still set for June 29, 2017. Republican leaders and others have access to millions of dollars to help persuade and to to push hard, to win over those reluctant senators who have voiced opposition with targeted deals.

Image result for photos of senators pushing for healthcare lawIf this bill ends up being passed, it is because enough republican senators were strong-armed by their leadership and not…

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