The price of performance

Another of Tallis Steelyard’s varied and entertaining experiences written down by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


Occasionally one gets called upon to perform at one of the great formal affairs. Such a call comes perhaps once or twice a year and I always feel that it is worth making an effort and attending. Admittedly one never gets paid and rarely gets tipped, but one meets people and it’s rare I do not get a couple of new patrons. Still it comes at a cost.

The biggest issue is the ‘outfit.’ I do not own a formal coat, britches and wig. Such garments are a century or more out of style and men are only forced into them on these very rare occasions. Indeed they are obligatory only for the top-table and those asked to perform, although many who possess such garb will turn up wearing it if only to flaunt their affluence.

I will instead turn to Saval who hires out suitable garments. Initially his prices…

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