The Way It Should Be …

What we should know about what’s happening in government.

Filosofa's Word

The United States of America is comprised of some 330 million people, individuals, human beings.  Of those, 535 are members of Congress, and a few thousand others work in some capacity in the federal government.  When I use the term We The People, I do not exclude the federal workers, but I also do not rank them any higher than the farmer in Iowa, the steel worker in Pennsylvania, or the rancher in Texas.  I do not rank them as being any more important than the person working the drive-thru in a McDonald’s in Poughkeepsie or the teller in a bank in Seattle.  Senator Mitch McConnell is only one of those 330 million people.  Donald Trump is only one of those 330 million people.  They are no more important than I am.  They almost certainly have more money and can afford more things than you and I, but from…

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