Universally Diverse

Hilarious and educational at the same time.


The security was everywhere and with the way things are now a days it was comforting​ to see. They had metal detectors before you entered the theme park and a Universally Diverse selection of guards working the event, probably double the amount necessary, but better safe than sorry I guess.
They employed all walks of life like black people, white folks, Indian​ individuals and an asian midget. The security guards were positioned all across the entrance and they all dressed the same with their black pants and white collard shirts that said, “SECURITY” in black.

Before I walked through the metal detectors there was another obstacle I had to endure. It looked like a metal conveyor belt of some sort with a bunch of clear white boxes stacked at the very front. It looked like one of those gadgets at the airport that you have to run your luggage through.

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