How States With Medicaid Expansion Compare With Those That Don’t

This is what it’s about.

Gronda Morin

Editorial cartoon on Republicans and health care and MedicaidThe Commonwealth Fund has done a three year study of how the two states of Kentucky and Arkansas with medicaid expansion compares with the State of Texas which opted out of the medicaid expansion part of the ACA/ Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare. Below are excerpts from the study (2013-2016).

In addition, I have added a link to a report published by the Apotechary, with a conservative view of how healthcare should work int the USA. The reader will recognize that a lot of the concepts discussed in this scholarly write-up are part of the republicans’ BCRA (Better Care Reconciliation Act). But what caught my eye is that this same group which reviews the BCRA in a favorable light, warns against adding the amendment recommended by the US Senator Ted Cruz. 

So, although all the insurers, actuarial organizations and a myriad of experts have warned that the BCRA with the Cruz…

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2 thoughts on “How States With Medicaid Expansion Compare With Those That Don’t

  1. This new attempt sounds as bad as the last one. Caution flags up.
    Before Obama care, Texas had coverage for all children with CHIPS if the parents bothered to sign up, free clinics, multiple family clinics in schools here which cut school absences (Funds for that went to subsidies for individual premiums elsewhere), helped parents regardless of status (ICE had NEVER been allowed in schools in TX), there was a high risk insurance pool (Sister-in-law in that one as well as a professional insurance groups – which closed as it could not offer their plans to their members under new regulations – she also lost her job as employer decided against expanding and cut staff instead to stay under mandated insurance cap employee number)
    I could go on and on about the harm. The “Oh, you don’t need to go to a cancer specialist – any surgeon can do this.” Wrong – terrible results – ending up finally getting to go to the cancer docs who do treatments every day and know how to do it properly…double cost and pain. Other family members are constantly fighting insurance companies trying to determine what treatment/medicines should be used
    The deaths of 2 elderly family members is right at those legislators feet – there’s a provision that allows doctor recommended treatments/therapy to be denied “if the recovery isn’t within guidelines” which meant “you are improving, but because you are old, it is slower than someone younger, so we will deny treatment – not cost effective as you will never be completely fixed”. And there’s the “health care consultation teams” of a hospital administrator, a social worker, the insurance representative, and the medicare/medicaid representative…who bully vulnerable patients about treatment options (and recommend their cost effective ones) when family isn’t there and when doctors have told them to leave patient alone. (Maybe the government and insurance companies have determined the number of years a person should live and when they should be considered old and expendable to society – but some families like ours routinely live to over 100. 90 yrs olds still live active lives on their own up and about in retirement communities.
    It’s not just my family – others in CA and NM
    You are darn right I am angry. The old bill has had terrible consequences, this new one looks just as bad.
    Give us the right to take care of ourselves and select the care/insurance/benefits and risks we choose for ourselves. I no longer trust people will do what is right.

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