Wall Street Journal’s Analysis Of The White House Under The Trump Administration

Oh what a tangled web.

Gronda Morin

The Constitution

“We the people” who are part of the resistance have been saying this for awhile, that whatever the anti-Clinton voters felt were her flaws, that the republican President Donald Trump magnifies those same faults 1000 times. If you think that Mrs. Clinton was not truthful, the president is much worse.

It you thought that the democratic presidential candidate had a problem with possibly exposing sensitive data to be collected by unfriendly foreign nations while she was secretary of state by her usage of a private server, there is President Trump hand delivering top level classified data, directly to Russia. Heck, I am genuinely concerned that US Congress representatives on the hill are aiding and abiding a Russian asset in the White House. And before those on the right say that this assertion is going to far and is not fair, I ask them to reflect and think of…

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