Suicide… 4 words: Listen, I need help!

The latest news from Kawanee.

First off… no one panic, I’m not suicidal.

Yes, I get down and feel like wtf is the point at times. I hate having to work when I know life is short and I’m not happy at my job and I keep thinking.. no one cares. If I died tomorrow, there’d be some poor schmuck who needs the job and if he died… there’s another to replace him. Why should I be here? Why am I busting my ass, and putting myself through the abuse dished out by the callers? My last day on earth could be spent staring at a drab gray cubical wall and waiting for a beep that signals the next upset person is on the line. But I am not suicidal.. although at times I have just wished I didn’t have to deal with this new life, and the fear that comes along with it.


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