A Disturbing Trend …

Things needing improvement in U.S. education.

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A couple of weeks ago, two headlines grabbed my attention:

A Majority of Republicans Think College Is Bad for America – The Week, 10 July 2017

Sharp Partisan Divisions in Views of National Institutions – Republicans Increasingly Say Colleges Have Negative Impact on U.S. – Pew Research Center, 10 July 2017

The headlines, I believe, say much about why our nation is in chaos today. 58% of Republicans now say that colleges “are having a negative effect on the way things are going in the country,” while just 36% think colleges positively affect the country, Pew reported. The other 6% presumably are scratching their heads asking “what’s college?” A short two years ago, 54% of Republicans thought that colleges had a positive effect, while 37% said they had a negative effect. Two short years … what changed?

I think we all know the answer to that question and it can…

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4 thoughts on “A Disturbing Trend …

  1. The headlines are troublesome and disturbing. Insane.
    Higher education and and going away to school is critical for a student to develop from a dependent child relying on others to them tell what opinions/thoughts to have and directing their actions – into a self reliant, self motivated individual who can explore and understand all sorts of people and situations, and think for themselves/defend their beliefs with solid reasons why instead of emotions – in other words become a productive adult.
    It’s hardly “college” or “university” when remedial courses are now standard (instead of telling those lacking to shore up their shaky base by taking courses in community or JR colleges) and civil dialogue/debate is disappearing. The entity itself is losing itself – so many are now simply big businesses.
    Another problem is the attitude towards learning/higher education students are showing up on campus with. Telling all the kids “everyone is a winner” and “you are special for breathing” and “we’ll just applaud, graduate you, give you a degree ’cause you showed up most of the time” is doing them a disservice and not preparing them for life. K-12 setting many up for failure. Real learning is hard work, and requires effort and being engaged in the process.
    And when will parents start suing school districts for mal practice for graduating students who have not mastered the basic courses (Science, math, history, geography..) or the skills of reading, and writing? Critical thinking skills cannot be applied without solid footing on basics and proven facts.
    If the tenured staff and professors are not yelling “don’t send us kids that are not prepared” they are part of the problems.
    And we are all paying for it.
    Reset needed.

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  2. I was a Primary Teacher starting in 1967. Just before I began in that county district the teachers got a beginning wage of $5,000. That’s not a typo. Also, there was no maternity leave provision. While I taught there we went on strike twice to get pay raises and a year-long non-paid maternity leave before returning to a job. After nine years I was getting $12,000 a year. The money was pouring into the colleges. We all know what happens if a large building is built on a poor foundation. Even now Pre-K through Grade 12 public school teachers are not being paid a satisfactory wage. No wonder there aren’t enough teachers and they’re being stretched thin. No wonder colleges are complaining about the quality of students they’re getting. Look to the base. —- Suzanne


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