The Square Peg In The Round Hole …

What’s sadly been happening with the health care bill.

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Watch a toddler with one of those shape-sorter toys.  He picks up the square block and first tries to put it into the round hole.  Then he tries the triangular hole.  Finally, he attempts to put the square block into the square hole, but the angle isn’t quite right.  What does the toddler do next?  It depends on the temperament of the toddler.  Watch him closely, for what he does next may give an indication of the person he will become.  Some will, at this point, throw the square block across the room in anger, not caring if it bonks his sister or the family dog on the head, and then sit down in a torrent of tears.  But another may stop, look at the block, and try, try again until … voila!  The square block makes a satisfying ‘clunk’ sound and the mission is accomplished.  It is called perseverance…

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2 thoughts on “The Square Peg In The Round Hole …

  1. Such a mess. Where’s the adult to wade in and set things neatly in order? People have such a short attention span and focus these days – tend to wander off – nothing gets accomplished – and when they come back they’ve forgotten where they were and have to start over from ground scratch…and people just don’t like to spend the time analyzing and setting things to right…easier to walk off


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