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Jane Bwye’s recent post on an African charity.

Jane Bwye

My apologies for the break in my “Charity” blog series, caused by the passing of my long-suffering husband. He was ready to go, he told me on the day of our Golden Wedding anniversary…

Life goes on, and I am beginning to pick up the threads again.


It is always good to hear from David Baldwin, and I’m delighted to give you the second in his series about his work in Kenya. Over to you, David!


In my introductory blog I recounted how myself and daughter Susie started in 2009 our small, grass roots charity supporting an impoverished, marginalised community in NE Kenya – St Peter’s Life-Line, and the amazing circumstances in which we, and they, now find ourselves. My next blogs will fill the gaps between then and now, sharing with you the joys and sorrows of this tumultuous and wonderful journey.

With all the preliminaries of setting…

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