FBI And DHS Warned Of Problems With White Supremacists

What’s actually going on.

Gronda Morin

Related imageThere is a May 10, 2017 FBI/ DHS report warning about future threats that exist to Americans by White Supremacists groups which far exceeds any potential harm by foreign terrorists attacks that the republican President Donald Trump’s administration seems to focus all of its attention. Here is the report obtained and released by Foreign Policy.

Towards this end, funds have been cut for government law enforcement agencies to fight against the very real anticipated threats  by White Supremacists groups.

After all, what do facts have anything to do with the president’s creation of policy. What does count is catering to the racists, White Supremacists, neo-Nazis,  Islamophobic zealots that comprise a significant portion of the president’s voting base.

Image result for images of alt right rallies

Here are facts about how likely “we the people” are vulnerable to attacks by domestic terrorists versus foreign perpetrators…

On January 31, 2017, Dave Mosher and Skye Gould of the Business Insider penned…

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