There is A Paper Trail Showing President In Deal With Russia In 2015

Evidence builds.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of trump with Felix Sater

Felex Sater has been a long time cohort of the republican President Donald Trump, dating back to at least 2005. Around 2007, they were both connected to the development and sales for Trump SoHo, the condo-hotel concept did not pan out. Only about a third of the units were ultimately sold, and one of the project’s lenders foreclosed on the rest, although the property remained open and became a popular luxury hotel, managed by Mr. Trump’s company.

“Mr. Sater left the property development company, Bayrock, after the news of his criminal background was reported which included one case of battery in a bar room fight where he did jail time, and in 1998 he was arrested for collusion with the Italian mafia to commit exchange frauds and money laundering.

As per a translation from Russian text, a 7/11/16 Forbes article by Ilya Shumanov, Lily Dobrovol’skaya and Julia Pavlovskaya, “Felix Sutter…

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