Interesting article on writing myths….

On writing myths

Myth 10: Show don’t Tell…

I’ve been guilty of using repeating this myth…. but clearly, anyone with enough creative juices to write a story/book/etc. would know that there are times and places that you absolutely have to tell something. I don’t think anyone really buys into this one. If someone is pregnant in a story, detailing every month of pregnancy would become monotonous to the reader. Even in books about pregnancy, they don’t do it.

Myth 9: A blank page is the enemy

I can’t relate to this. A blank page to me; it doesn’t stay blank for very long. The only way I can address this myth is simply this: A blank page is an enemy because you aren’t filling it… my husband used to say: Do something Hamilton, even if it’s wrong! Do something. He also used to say that more squirrels die from indecision than anything…

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