…we come in with NUTHIN, and we leave with NUTHIN, ‘cept the mem’ries…

Seumas speaks the truth.

Seumas Gallacher

…I harbour no misconception about competing with the philosophers of the ages… but every now and then, I get to enjoy ‘retiring to the back of my own mind and there being content to muse and ponder’… (pinched, and paraphrased that from Master Einstein. A.)… and I’ve been doing some of that in the past few days… last week, I shared with my Web friends the intent to publish on Auntie Amazon Kindle a wee collection (a score of poems to be precise) punched out of my head over the past ‘pick-a-large-number’ of years … the idea was, and is, to preface each poem with the story behind its creation… this met with enthusiastic response and frankly, unexpected, encouragement from many sources… and here’s what’s happened, again to my surprise… the digging back through all those decades for some of the verses has triggered several glorious mem’ries… mem’ries…

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