Does It Matter? HELL YES It Matters!

Be afraid. Be very afraid. We can’t let this happen again.

Filosofa's Word

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you do not like Donald Trump.  And let’s say that one day you are putzing around on the great Internet, and you come across a website that is predominantly anti-Trump, so you decide to check it out.  You read an article or two, make a comment or two, perhaps respond to a few poll questions, and then you move on.

knockA month later, there is a knock on the door, and there stand two men in dark glasses, asking if you are _______________ (insert name)?  Why are they there?  What do they want?  They most likely want your computers and cell phones, but they may also wish to search your home. What do they want?  They want your right to freedom of speech.

Los Angeles-based tech company DreamHost set up a website,, last year after the 2016 presidential…

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