Tears Of Shame … Again …

Welcome to our present life in America.

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I do not know the boy’s name, but I know his age … eight years old.  I also do not know the names of the boys who hung this little boy from a tree.

It happened in Claremont, New Hampshire, where the little boy was taunted, hit with sticks and rocks and later hung from a tree. The reason?  He is a child of racially mixed parentage.  A group of teens put him on a picnic table, placed the rope from a tire swing around his neck, then pushed him off the picnic table to dangle. He swung back and forth three times, before being able to free himself, while the group of teens watched. Below is the result …

lynching.pngThe little boy was flown to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.  He has since been released and is returning to school today.  Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase says the department is…

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