Well, things keep piling on…

Recent news from Kawanee.

Went to the dermatologist for my leg, where they confirmed that this is NOT a bruise. It’s a breakdown of the fatty layer of my leg, the stuff that protects muscle. It’s looking better, but has a long way to go. If it’s not better by March, he’s going to biopsy it.

Speaking of biopsies, I had him look at this small bump near my eye, you may have seen it on my picture where I’d scratched my eye. Well, turns out it is skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma… the mildest of cancers but still…


I have to go to a specialist sometime, waiting for the news on that. I know the prognosis is good for this kind of thing. BUT! I’m freaked out, I miss my hubby right now. I’m worried about if it will impact my eye, what kind of scarring I’m looking at, has it gotten…

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