WSJ Editorial Promotes The Firing Of FBI’s Special Counsel Mueller

Now, what’s going on concerning the Wall Street Journal?

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of robert mueller and james comey JAMES COMEY / ROBERT MUELLAR III

I am a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal but I intend to cancel it today, on October 30, 2017.

(This is NOT fake news!) It is my opinion that its Editorial Board was irresponsible to call for the republican President Donald Trump to fire the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Muellar III who is in charge of the Trump-Russian saga inquiry. In addition the board is recommending to have the FBI instigate an investigation into the democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention’s ties to Russia.”

The democratic presidential contender and the DNC did hire a US entity to do opposition research into the opponent Donald Trump which is a standard operating procedure by all election campaigns. There is nothing illegal in this action. At no time did anyone involved in  Hillary Clinton’s campaign interact with Russian officials who have been…

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Top Ten Things Not to Do in Your Halloween Costume.

John’s top ten don’t list for Halloween.

Fiction Favorites

Ten things not to do in your Halloween costume

The inspiration for this list was seeing a guy out in public in a Halloween costume. It struck me that he was unaware of the stares and reaction of those around him. Hope you enjoy.

10 If you are in your Halloween costume, do not go into the bank to make a withdrawal. If you do, at best some will stare. At worst the teller will not look at your withdrawal slip but assume you are holding up the bank. (That zombie makeup had her rattled, Donald. Too bad the SWAT team had no sense of humor.)

9 If you are in your Halloween costume, do not think you have the same powers as the superhero you are dressed to be. If you do, at best you’ll hurt yourself. At worst you will think you can take on Tiny the WWF champ who is in step two of his anger management…

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Starting the new job in the morning…. BLECH!!

Kawanee is starting a new job.

I’m glad for the job, but getting up at 5 am is buttz and I don’t wanna do it. I’m not a morning person, it’s cold and likely still dark when I have to leave because it’s 20 minutes away… and I wanna stay home.

I was enjoying a break from everything. Not that it was a big break because I was stressing out about getting the doctor appointments before the insurance runs out. But I was liking staying home, keeping the house clean, writing… catching up on blogging and reading and having some me time for the first time since losing hubby I was able to kind of sit and deal with some things.

It’s been nonstop things since it all started. Dealing with consulates, funeral plans, travel plans, packing, moving, finding a job, finding a place to live, getting hurt and doctor appointments, learning a new job, working…

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Dear Sierra~

More excellent photos of the Sierras by Cindy Knoke.

Cindy Knoke

This dear came up so close that I temporarily lost focus!

Deer clearly have the right of way in the High Sierra. The doggie seemed too stunned to bark!

Kind people, and dogs, yield to them, and they seemed to expect this from us, smart dears.

We could have easily touched them, but didn’t.

They fawns even nursed in front of us, but I spared you the photo because it was mostly fawn tushy!

They have such a pretty home,

and it is quite an honor to share it with them.

The photo below is Devil’s Postpile which was created about 100,000 years ago from lava flow and is made of basalt. Glaciers later carved and polished the stone towers which are up to 600 feet tall. Devil’s Postpile is a 798 acre National Monument established in 1911 that hopefully will remain a monument and protected. It is transected by…

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Merely selling flowers

Another look into the lives of ordinary people of his time by Tallis Steelyard recorded by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard

merely selling flowers


It is all too easy for an honest man to get into trouble, in spite of his best endeavours. Indeed I have noticed that merely trying to make your way through life quietly and without fuss seems guaranteed to drive Fate into a frenzy, causing it to do everything it can to make your life difficult. Hence it may be that a wise man shuns diffidence and ensures that the pages of history bear the marks of his booted feet, stamped heavily across them.

But if you don’t believe me about the dangers of living a quiet life, I bring to your attention Yorrund Meal. Yorrund was ‘blessed’ in that he was married to the lady who had condescended to becoming Madam Meal. In spite of having few advantages of birth or fortune, she determined that they were going to be persons of solid prosperity.

To be fair to…

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The Desolate Garden…..FREE


Daniel Kemp

The Desolate Garden (the book that was under a five-year option to become a $30 million film, is being offered by my publishers free of any charge until 2nd November. It is the Kindle version.


I have a couple of requests to make.

If you have read this book PLEASE take the Kindle. That way you become a Verified Amazon Purchaser and (here comes my second request…. You will be able to…PLEASE leave a review.

Amazon is far from stupid, they know that Kindle Readers (the machine, not those blessed people who read the written word) number less than those who read Kindles. That’s why they advertise this…


Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle…

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