Update on the cancer front:

Both and problem and good news for Kawanee.

Thursday I had to go do a pre-op consult with the plastic surgeon. I drove nearly 2 hrs and I’d hoped to have some answers, to be reassured, more informed and have a date for the surgery.

No answers from the doctor. Gigantic waste of time and money, all he said was: If I do the surgery, I’m going to make a much bigger hole because I don’t have the ability to check the margins so I’ll go bigger.

Good news: He explained that it won’t affect the tear duct, and probably not the muscles that make my eye blink but if it did, that’s where he would come in.
Still waiting to find out when the procedure will be, I know it’s across the street in the cancer institute and if he’s needed then he can do the close and reconstruction.
I mentioned that I lose…

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