Soldiers From Niger Killed 50 Miles From Where US Fighters Were Ambushed On 10/4/17

What’s going on in Africa?

Gronda Morin


Risks to military and civilians have increased in Niger since the Chad military fighters recently left Niger after the republican President Donald J. Trump placed Chad on the US travel ban around September 24, 2017, despite the DOD, US State Department, and an array of foreign policy experts advising him not to do this. It turns out that Chadian soldiers were the ones who had kept militant groups like Boko Haram at bay in Niger. In short, any military personnel traveling in Niger will need to be better prepared to face militants that are no longer contained.

About 2 weeks after US army / Niger military convoy came under attack by terrorists, 12 Niger troops were also attacked within 50 miles.

Related imageHere is the rest of the story… 

On October 21, 2017,  Joe Parkinson of the Wall Street Journal penned the following report, “Gunmen Kill 12 Niger Troops Near Border…

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