Sunday Morning Snippets …

Real class in comparison.

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Rather than a more in-depth post, I have put together a few snippets, bits of this ‘n that, from the past few days, for there has been so much “news” that it is a bit overwhelming at the moment.  Snippets are always fun on a lazy Sunday morning, yes?

The “lady” is packing …

I’m sure you all remember back in May, when Greg Gianforte,  then a republican candidate from Montana vying for the seat in the House of Representatives vacated by Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, body-slammed and physically beat Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.  The incident took place on the eve of the election, and even so, Gianforte went on to win the seat in Congress.  Mr. Jacobs was a reporter … doing his job … doing what reporters do … trying to get answers.  Now, five months later, for some reason, an obscure Montana Republican party…

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