Surgery is Friday!

Good news. Things are looking up for Kawanee and her family.

Okay, so some good news. Surgery is Friday and the guy I talked to was very nice and listened to my concerns. He assured me that the doctor is very good at what he does, he’s got great bedside manner and that I’ll love him.

I will be awake (boooo hiss) and it will likely be about 4 hrs for surgery and results to come back with clean margins.  He also told me that they CAN give me something to relax during the surgery (yay!) AND I can have friends or relatives in the room with me as I need to. (Double yay!)

My mother in law had her surgery today to remove her basal cell carcinoma in her arm. Hers was much bigger than mine (about nickle sized) and she’s done very well with it and they got clean margins on hers. Her incision is about 2.5 inches long.. applying that…

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