Surgery update.

News about Kawanee’s operation.

Surgery went okay, there was a snafu with the check-in. I left the house before 6:30 am. Got there by 8:05 but they didn’t know I was there and I didn’t get called back until almost 11.
They asked me what happened.. I was like you tell me, I’ve been here since 8. She said they didn’t get my check-in until 10:45. They didn’t want to delay anymore so they wouldn’t give me anything for nerves. Even though by the time I was numb from the shots the nerve meds would have kicked in. They were done with the cutting part by 11:30… and I was on my way home about 1 pm.
Numbing stuff wore off about 2 or so… things started hurting. They didn’t give me anything for pain. (booooo hisss) They couldn’t really put stitches in because of the concave shape of the curve of…

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