Where’s Jared? Going to China!

Some questions that needed asking.

Filosofa's Word

Have you noticed we haven’t heard much about Jared Kushner lately?  See, here is how it works in the Trump era.  If you criticize Trump or go against his wishes, your name will be in the headlines endlessly, as he tweets nasty little comments about you forever and ever.  Note that he is still tweeting, as recently as yesterday, about “Crooked Hillary”.  But, if you are on Trump’s side and you get caught with your proverbial pants down, you will simply be kept in the background where the press will not see you and will likely forget about you and your troubles.

Back in July, Kushner made headlines nearly daily, most of it controversial.  He lied, or omitted numerous contacts with Russians on his security clearance form, he was found to be using a private email server for government business, and his testimony before the Senate committee investigating the Russian…

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