Cruel and Inhumane?

Cruel and inhumane treatment indeed for this little girl. Under President Trump, the U.S. has become hell for some. Are those who run our country proud of themselves? If so, they shouldn’t be.

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Rosa Maria Hernandez … you are likely to hear that name a lot in the coming days, for she is, at age ten, one of Donald Trump’s “bad hombres”.

Rosa-MariaRosa Maria came to the U.S. when she was three months old and her family settled in Laredo, Texas.  She had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and her parents brought her to the U.S. seeking treatment for her condition. Rosa Maria has the mental capacity of a child half her age.  Last Tuesday, Rosa Maria was in a great deal of pain and was ultimately diagnosed with a diseased gall bladder that would require emergency surgery.  However, the hospital in Laredo was not equipped to do the surgery on such a young special needs child, and she was sent by ambulance to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christie, Texas.

Along the way, the ambulance had to pass through a Border Patrol…

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EDITING 101: 61 – Passive Voice versus Passive Verbs…

Useful information from Susan and Chris.

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Passive Voice versus Passive Verbs

You may have heard of the great advice to get rid of the extra “to be” verbs as you self-edit. I concur with that task. Not only is it boring for the reader, but using passive verbs makes your writing weak. That’s why they’re termed…well…passive verbs.

However, contrary to what some people believe, every use of “was”—or another form of the verb “to be”—is not inherently using the passive voice. “Was” is the legitimate past tense of “to be” and in many cases is 100% correct. Unfortunately, some people who call themselves editors don’t recognize the difference and ruthlessly edit out every instance of “was” in a manuscript.

These are legitimate, correct uses of the past tense of “to be” (although in the last one, you could get rid of the “to be” helper verb and just write “waited”):

The sky was blue.

The man…

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Where’s Jared? Going to China!

Some questions that needed asking.

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Have you noticed we haven’t heard much about Jared Kushner lately?  See, here is how it works in the Trump era.  If you criticize Trump or go against his wishes, your name will be in the headlines endlessly, as he tweets nasty little comments about you forever and ever.  Note that he is still tweeting, as recently as yesterday, about “Crooked Hillary”.  But, if you are on Trump’s side and you get caught with your proverbial pants down, you will simply be kept in the background where the press will not see you and will likely forget about you and your troubles.

Back in July, Kushner made headlines nearly daily, most of it controversial.  He lied, or omitted numerous contacts with Russians on his security clearance form, he was found to be using a private email server for government business, and his testimony before the Senate committee investigating the Russian…

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Surgery update.

News about Kawanee’s operation.

Surgery went okay, there was a snafu with the check-in. I left the house before 6:30 am. Got there by 8:05 but they didn’t know I was there and I didn’t get called back until almost 11.
They asked me what happened.. I was like you tell me, I’ve been here since 8. She said they didn’t get my check-in until 10:45. They didn’t want to delay anymore so they wouldn’t give me anything for nerves. Even though by the time I was numb from the shots the nerve meds would have kicked in. They were done with the cutting part by 11:30… and I was on my way home about 1 pm.
Numbing stuff wore off about 2 or so… things started hurting. They didn’t give me anything for pain. (booooo hisss) They couldn’t really put stitches in because of the concave shape of the curve of…

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Saturday Surprise – Cool Places 2

Surprise for a Saturday.–Cool Places

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globe-trotIt was getting late last night and I was hard at work following a story a friend had tipped me to, when suddenly around 11:30 it hit me … IT’S SATURDAY!!!  I can’t fool around with this … I have less than four hours to write my Saturday Surprise post!!!  I thought about saying that since you got a Saturday Surprise on Thursday … but no, that would be a cop out, so I saved and closed the file I was working on for later today, and turned my attention to that blank page that had only “Saturday Surprise 28 October 2017” at the top.  And I remembered the fun I had back in September when I dug up some cool places  for us to visit.  And so, dear friends … let’s take a trip to some really interesting places, shall we?

Where do old school buses go to die? …

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Love of Country

What has happened to our Country?


Back in July of 2012 I wrote this post about the relationship between education and democracy, a relationship I, like many others, consider essential. A part of that discussion is about patriotism, and given today’s sudden interest in the notion, featuring many who have no idea whatever what the word means, I thought it timely to trot out the post and ask readers to consider it once again. I have modified the post a bit to bring it up to date.

Years ago John Dewey wrote a book titled Democracy and Education in which he argued convincingly that a democratic system required an educated citizenry. In fact, Dewey went so far as to insist that the purpose of education is to turn out citizens who are enlightened enough to select their leaders and understand what they are up to. It’s not about jobs or self-esteem; it’s about gaining control…

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