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fourth of november,twenty nineteen

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A New Low …

We have the right to be ashamed.

Filosofa's Word

Have you ever asked yourself just how low Donald Trump can go?  Of course you have, we have all asked ourselves that question, most of us on a daily basis.  And, on a near-daily basis he proves to us that there is no floor to the depravity of his mind … it just keeps sinking lower and lower.

This morning, apparently without a single moment of thought occurring, he re-tweeted a series of three videos … for no apparent reason other than to stir his followers to rage, for perhaps they have been too quiet of late and he wanted them to make some noise.  The videos were originally posted in the UK by a woman named Jaydan Fransen, who is the deputy leader of British far-right group Britain First, a political group with only about 1,000 followers and no seats in Parliament. The videos purport to show Muslims committing…

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Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas made special by “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Christmas is a time for remembering everything that has come before us. It’s not a kind of memorial day when we remember what we lost, but instead a day to remember the great gifts that have come to us over the many years. The circle of gratitude is widened every year as the holiday expands with new love and new memories.

It may be more important this year than ever.

One tradition for many people about my age is “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. In many ways this defines the tension of Christmas itself, even though very little in popular culture has been willing to decry the commercialism that is the true “War on Christmas”. And in the process it gave us a new definition of holiday cheer, bringing Vince Guaraldi’s cool jazz into the warm holiday like a sprig of winter itself.

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Photo Copyright: What’s His Name

Here we are this week at the shed where some bathroom fixtures have been stored. We’ve gathered to discuss our original stories for the week. This is the Friday Fictioneers group. Our hostess for the gathering is the talented and gracious author and artist, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The challenge for each of us this week and every week is to write a story with not more than 100 words, not counting the title. It’s supposed to have a beginning, middle, end. and follow the picture prompt for the week. This week’s prompt was provided by a writer who goes by What’s His Name. Thanks, What’s.

To read the other stories by group members, just click on the link given below, then on the little blue frog in the blue box.

The link for this week’s stories is as follows:,

Genre: Memoir

Word Count: 100 Words


My dad bought a cottage with attached toilet in the year 1943. We used the place for holiday getaways. My parents later turned it into a year-round home.

The septic tank now filled up quicker. One day in the 1950’s it rebelled and Dad had a problem made bigger by not knowing where the tank was.

He suspected where it might be and dug in that area. Bingo.

Dad and a willing relative uncovered more and called for a truck to empty it. It was small so we had to watch how much toilet paper we flushed.
















Good People Doing Good Things … Little Things Mean A Lot

Another post by Jill Dennison on good people doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

Yesterday, I wrote a couple of hard-hitting posts, so by last evening I was ready to settle in and begin work on my ‘good people’ post which is always a treat, for it gives me an opportunity to come up out of the rabbit hole and see a gentler side of the human race.  The first thing I came across was a short one, and then another, and within minutes I decided to do one of the ones that shine a light on people doing small acts of kindness or humanity.

Charlie set out bright and early from his home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on Black Friday, fully intent on doing some Christmas shopping for his son.  Somewhere along the line, Charlie had a change of plans and he ended up, instead, spending $12,780 at the local Toys ‘R Us, but not on his son!  Charlie paid off the…

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US Congress Republicans Are Pushing Its Tax Cuts Bill Towards Passage At Warped Speed

Concerning the tax cut bill.

Gronda Morin

On November 28, 2017, I wrote that the US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is well aware of the real possibility that the democratic candidate Doug Jones may very well win the previously republican held US senate seat for Alabama for the first time in decades on 12/12/17, and this means, he would lose a crucial vote in the Senate for the republicans tax cuts bill (2017 Donor Relief Act).

So now that the US Senate Majority Leader knows this, what can he do to optimize passage of their highly anticipated tax cut plan or the 2017 Donor Relief Act?

Because the republicans’ US Senate’s version of the tax cut bill differs significantly from the House’s plan, the normal expectation is there would be a conference between both houses to iron out the differences. But now it  is too risky to go through this normal process as it would delay…

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Jumping Genres

A children’s book by D. Wallace Peach.

Facets of a Muse

Please welcome my good blogging friend, D. Wallace Peach. Besides having a wonderful blog where she shares poetry, short prose from writing prompts, and peeks into visits with her grandson, she’s a prolific fantasy/sci-fi author. Since she writes for the adult market, I wondered why she chose to write a children’s book, so I invited her to stop by and shed some light on the subject. Take it away, Diana!

Available in Print: USA, UK, Canada, India

Julie asked me what possessed a writer of adult fantasy and sci-fi books to suddenly write and illustrate a children’s book.

The answer isn’t quite straight-forward, but it’s not that complicated either. I never set out with a children’s book in mind, but sometimes the ingredients come together and it’s a matter of timing more than intent.

The main reason is Tornado Boy.

Tornado Boy is 4 years old…

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