Mike Pence is WRONG …

Jill has successfully deflated the VP’s speech claims.

Filosofa's Word

I don’t know when it happened, and given that he is not much in the public eye, Mike Pence’s absence was not even noted nor notable.  But sometime in the past few months, Mike Pence had a lobotomy.  Yes, folks, he had a large portion of his brain removed from within his skull.  The proof is in the following editorial he wrote (annotated by my snarky remarks, of course), published in USA Today on 08 November 2017:

One year ago Wednesday, President Donald J. Trump won a historic victory. But even more historic has been President Trump’s record of accomplishment ever since. (Reversing prior sound policy and dividing a nation are not what I would call accomplishment)

It’s been a year of action. It’s been a year of results. And it’s been a year that will be remembered as the time we began to Make America Great Again.

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