A New Low …

We have the right to be ashamed.

Filosofa's Word

Have you ever asked yourself just how low Donald Trump can go?  Of course you have, we have all asked ourselves that question, most of us on a daily basis.  And, on a near-daily basis he proves to us that there is no floor to the depravity of his mind … it just keeps sinking lower and lower.

This morning, apparently without a single moment of thought occurring, he re-tweeted a series of three videos … for no apparent reason other than to stir his followers to rage, for perhaps they have been too quiet of late and he wanted them to make some noise.  The videos were originally posted in the UK by a woman named Jaydan Fransen, who is the deputy leader of British far-right group Britain First, a political group with only about 1,000 followers and no seats in Parliament. The videos purport to show Muslims committing…

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