Thankful Nov 30th

Kawanee is thankful for good people at her bank.

I’ve been sick so I’ve missed a few days but I plan on going back and picking them up. So today, I’m thankful for good people at the bank. I’m thankful that I got paid.

Why am I thankful for my bank? Well, because my paycheck was auto-deposited today and so was my electric bill, BUT the bank hit me with over-draft charges… Two of them, one for the electric bill and one for the charge for using the check over the phone option.

I called them because I’ve never been overdrawn and felt like they shouldn’t charge me since the money was in there. The nice lady, Brenda at Bank of America, agreed with me and waived the two fees. She saved me $70! That’s grocery money!

So, Thank you to Bank of America. Once again, you’ve proven that you’re the bank for me and made me proud.


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2 thoughts on “Thankful Nov 30th

  1. Today you have had opportunity to thank the bank, these days the employees work and behave and depend on the systems installed, I mean the computers and their software. It is ridiculous. They right on the face tell you we cannot do anything it is already done by the system.

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