Fools Rush In …

The damage that’s been done.

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Did you hear the news?  United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May just declared that her government will recognize Sioux City, Iowa to be the new capital of the United States!  She has ordered the relocation of the UK’s embassy by the end of December, and the embassy staff are busily preparing for the move.  When asked the reason behind her announcement, Ms. May said that Donald Trump wished it, and as the nation’s leader, he should be able to place the capital wherever he wishes, and that besides, Iowa is considered the heartland of the U.S., and the home to the first party contest, the Iowa Caucuses, in election years.

Okay, that is a ridiculous notion, isn’t it?  And no, it is not true.  Ms. May has far more urgent worries this week than where the U.S. capital should be located.  But apparently, Donald Trump has no other concerns on…

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