Bucket List for a Spring Chicken Part 2

Part 2 of Linda’s hilarious trip with her mother on Amtrak.


This battered beauty makes  every mile with Mother.  I will never forgive my daughter-in-law, Carissa, for gifting Mother with it when Mother complained  her old one had worn out.  I’d been looking forward to its demise for a while.   Except for that betrayal,  Carissa is a perfect DIL.  Please note the frayed seams and the deluxe cat collar fortifying its temperamental zipper.  Though lots of folks think it’s a fanny pack, Mother wears it prominently displayed in front where no one will catch her by surprise.

While we’re on the subject of money, when Mother told my brother she couldn’t afford her ticket, he put one hundred dollars in her account.  One concerned sister gave her two hundred, enough for the trip and spending money.  Lest you think that money went on her trip, it disappeared deep into the bowels of her savings account.  Financially, that trip worked out…

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Stinking Fish?

Another interesting and entertaining tale from the memoirs of Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster. There’s also a book of a variety of anecdotes available

Tallis Steelyard


People have commented to me that I rarely mention fish or fishermen. I suppose it’s true but it’s by pure chance. You get to the fish market from the far end of the Old Esplanade, at the opposite end from the Shore-combers. The front is divided up, the Shore-combers have the middle section, next to them heading up the estuary are cockle-pickers, and on the other side are the long-line fishermen.

Yes, the three groups can work in each others’ territory, but it’s by agreement. A Shore-comber will ask permission to go in among the long-lines. If permission is granted, he can wander among the lines but mustn’t touch them and can be asked to hand over a tenth of what he’s found. Similarly anybody wanting to put a long-line down on the Shore-combers’ area will probably be allowed to, but will be shown an area that has already been…

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In this story from the memoirs of Tallis Steelyard and penned by Jim Webster you are wished a happy Solstice.

Tallis Steelyard

Gerald H Priestley Decorator Hand Cart, 92 x 36 x 40

Obviously, because we’re not savages, we celebrate the solstice. Our main festival in Port Naain is actually the Autumn Equinox, or Tide Watch. Nine years out of ten we have gales and driving rain and folk gather together to drink, eat, and tell long stories, recite poems and give each other gifts. The date was chosen centuries ago because the weather at that time of year is fit for nothing else.

The Solstice is different, it’s a civic festival. It marks the day Sinecurists take up their sinecure and hand the money over. It can be an awfully expensive time for the rich and powerful and somewhere along the line it was decided that the city, or rather the citizens, ought to show their appreciation. So on the day of the solstice everybody gives presents to those in authority over them.

In a family situation this means children give presents…

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Bucket List for a Spring Chicken

Linda’s mother’s trip at age 90.


Mother will be ninety in May.  A few weeks ago, my youngest sister asked if she had a bucket list.

“Not really,” she answered.  “I’ve seen London, Dublin, New York City, and San Francisco.  I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, and lots of the United States.  I’ve worked as a teacher and in a cemetery.  I’ve seen my name and art on the cover of a book.  I’ve been married and had five children, then had lots of years on my own since your daddy died.  I’ve been lucky and gotten to do so many things I only dreamed of growing up in The Depression in Cuthand, Texas.  I guess the only thing I’ve been thinking about is taking a trip on Amtrak.”

That didn’t sound like much of a hill to climb.  I called a very dear family member we’d both been wanting to visit for a while and wangled…

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What the Hell is It?

Russell’s hilarious two-part post.

What's So Funny?

How many of you have at least one pair of holey underwear? No, I’m not talking about the kind of “holy” you reserve for religious holidays; I’m referring to the type with non-factory openings for extra ventilation. Okay, you can put your hands down now.

Well, here’s some good news. In today’s fashion world you’re more in style than ever. People pay a fortune for jeans and shirts that look like they lost a fight with a weed-whacker. Consider yourself ahead of the curve—possibly even a trendsetter. Viva la holey bloomers!

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Good People Doing Good Things — Coach Sam Greiner

Another great story of a good person doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

No matter how much angst we see in the world around us, no matter how many we hear and see who have naught but hate in their hearts, I never have a problem finding good people to write about for this weekly feature.  It always boosts my spirits to write about people who put their humanitarian values ahead of greed and self, and I hope it boosts yours to read about them.  I found a gem today … a man who … well, read on …

The place is Harding University High School in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The story begins back in August, 2015 when Harding High hired a new football coach, Sam Greiner, to try to revive their struggling team, one of the least successful in the area.  Coach Greiner was given a list of several players on his team whose poor grades had put them on the “ineligible…

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Filosofa’s Idiot of the YEAR Award — 2017

Join the fun.

Filosofa's Word

It is finally here … the moment you’ve all been waiting for … the selection of an Idiot of the Year!!!  This year, just as last, there are so many superb specimens from which to choose that it will be a difficult call, but I encourage you all to join in the fun and cast your votes!  I have put a listing of all the candidates with links to their Idiot of the Week award post, in case you need to refresh your memory.  There will be three winners, the Grand  Prize, and second and third runners up, so you may vote for three candidates.  Just go to the poll at the bottom of the page and click in the square next to the name … it’s that simple.  Results will be published on Monday, January 1st 2018, in order to give everybody a chance to vote.  Voting closes…

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President’s Denial Of Russian Interfering With US Elections Is Hindering Solutions Being Implemented

What’s actually been going on.

Gronda Morin

I am so frustrated to keep learning about how Russia has been continuing to meddle into US internet systems and into our current politics, but because the republican President Donald Trump refuses to accept the fact that Russia did interfere bigly in our 2016 US presidential elections despite overwhelming evidence proving otherwise, that his sycophant republican lawmakers are choosing to ignore and to NOT address this issue with solutions.  They are guilty of not protecting our country from a foreign attack. What happened to their oath to protect this country’s national security interests?

Here is the rest of the story…

On December 25, 2017,  Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Greg Jaffe of the Washington Post penned the following report, Kremlin trolls burned across the Internet as Washington debated options.”


“The first email arrived in the inbox of CounterPunch, a left-leaning American news and opinion website, at 3:26 a.m. —…

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