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Here we are again and this week we’re gathered at a derelict building in a small town. We’ve come together to discuss our original stories for the week. This is the Friday Fictioneers group. Our hostess for the gathering is the talented and gracious author and artist, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The challenge for each of us this week and every week is to write a story with no more than 100 words, not counting the title. It’s supposed to have a beginning, middle, end, and be inspired by the picture prompt for the week. This week’s prompt was provided by Sandra Crook. Thanks, Sandra.

To read the other stories by group members, just click on the link given below. then on the little blue frog in the blue box.

The link for this week’s stories is as follows:

26 January 2018

Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 100 Words


David Pitstop and his wife, Flora decided to spend their delayed honeymoon in exotic Pashchandra, Redonia.

“Darling, I’ve checked and found great rates at the Raj Hotel there. It has three stars which isn’t perfect but acceptable considering our budget. Here’s a picture.”

Flora observed and agreed it was attractive.

A week later they checked in, two men hefted their baggage, then started up the stairs.

“Is there no lift?” David asked.

One answered, “It’s out of order, Sahib as three of four floors above are gutted during renovation. Luckily, you have a faucet with cold water.”


















42 thoughts on “STILL IN BUSINESS

    • Thanks, Neil. I’m happy you enjoyed the story. We stayed in one where they’d gutted the floor below ours. One employee’s dog used to wander into the lobby and drink from the fountain. Some of the employees slept on the lobby floor at night. Ah, the memories. πŸ˜€ — Suzanne


    • Thanks, Dale. I’m happy you enjoyed the story. I know what you mean. I often laugh these days. We stayed in a hotel where only one floor beneath us was gutted. The lobby was open to the outside and a dog belonging to one of the employees used to come into the lobby and drink from the fountain. I was eating an egg sandwich outside one day and “Tiger” came over and plopped his old head in my lap. A lot of people fed that dog and he was used to begging. He was, therefore, a fat dog. His name didn’t exactly fit him. πŸ˜€ — Suzanne

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  1. Thanks, Rochelle. I’m happy you enjoyed the story It’s possible someone let them give themselves the rating for a small payment labeled as “Advertising”. By the time the matter would be ruled on in a court it would probably be ten or more years old and cost too much to make it worthwhile. πŸ˜€ — Suzanne


    • Ha, ha. What I remember most about that room is when the big earthquake of January 26, 2001, hit in a state north of the one we were in. We were on the fourth floor. I slid back and forth on the very firm mattress of the bed where I was sitting and saw a tree outside thrashing back and forth. It destroyed much of the city of Bouj, Gujarat with a scale of 7.7. It was the first earthquake I’d ever experienced. I don’t remember it doing any damage where we were in Pune. — Suzanne

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    • Thanks, Bjorn. I’m happy you enjoyed the story. I agree with you. I wouldn’t want to stay in that hotel either. My mother and dad stayed in a motel one night on a trip and Mom said she could hear suggestive noises coming from the next motel room. while my dad innocently slept away. Unknown to my dad it was a stop for long-distance truckers and catered to them. πŸ˜€ — Suzanne


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