Dolphin Gulls~

Outstand photos of Dolphin Gulls by Cindy Knoke.

Dolphin Gulls are sub-antarctic birds, living in the coastal regions of the southern ocean, and like most gulls can usually be found around boats and people, searching for hand-outs.

They are native to Patagonia, specifically Chile, Argentina and The Falkland Islands. Vagrants will visit the Sandwich and South Georgia Islands. They are quite beautiful snow-white birds and are smaller than most gull species.

This happy gull likes the freshly fallen rain water,

and drinks all he can the conventional way,

before turning his head almost completely upside down to guzzle more down!

Cheers to you from the Dolphin Gulls of the southern latitudes~

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Snail wrestling!

Snail wrestling?

Tallis Steelyard


Port Naain is a city which has a secret craving for novelty. Whilst it will often strike outsiders as a distinctly priggish place, those of us who have lived here all our lives know better. Port Naain goes questing after new experiences like an elderly roué who has just discovered a new bordello.

Still it is not my place to moralise. Indeed I like to think my own patrons are not cut from any common cloth and thus rise above such cravings. Hence it can be a little disconcerting to discover that your patrons are flocking to see the new sensation.

The evil genius, pandering to their less noble cravings, was Qualan Bassat. It was he that introduced the city to snail wrestling. Now we’ve had squid wrestling for years, and it has a loyal following. But snail wrestling was new. Up until now the commercial exploitation of snails had…

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Mapping the Hero’s Journey

A thorough and interesting post on mapping The Heros Journey.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Tips for Writers“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.”
~ Joseph Campbell

It’s appropriate to begin a discussion on the hero’s journey by quoting the man we now equate with modern understanding of mythology. Joseph Campbell theorized: “all myths are the creative products of the human psyche, that artists are a culture’s mythmakers, and that mythologies are creative manifestations of humankind’s universal need to explain psychological, social, cosmological, and spiritual realities (Joseph Campbell Foundation).”

As a writer, I’m a mythmaker. My private dreams are the stories I want to tell, but I believe that if I can map my story to public mythology, those stories will resonate with readers. I believe that the hero’s journey (coupled with quality writing) is the difference between a mediocre book and a best-seller.

At its most basic explanation, the hero’s journey is a pattern of public dreams that Campbell recognized in myths…

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How The Former Combat Veteran Rep. Bill Mast Feels About Banning Assault Weapons

The views of a former combat veteran.

Gronda Morin

When and if folks listen to the (NRA) National Rifle Association’s President Wayne LaPierre, the audience will get a full whiff of what the president’s base’s worldview is like. It is a true reflection of their belief system full of conspiracy theories, paranoia about the press and big government, with tons of anger about injustices thrown in for good measure.

The president’s campaign was rescued by the NRA at an early stage when it was floundering and so, the republican President Donald Trump owes this organization big time.

But he also has shown a willingness to at least consider some gun control measures.  We will have to see how these leaders respond to the young adults demanding that something be done to protect future students from suffering the loss of life and trauma they experienced on February 14, 2018, where a mass shooter with an AR15 weapon fired at teenagers…

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Copyright Infringement Issues: Internet Archive Still at It

Worth reading.

Just Can't Help Writing

500px-Copyright.svgVictoria Strauss at Writer Beware follows up with her account of how she got Internet Archive to take down her copyrighted books. In her case, as in mine, it took a stern comment on their web site to get action, since the standard notices received no response. Her post includes a discussion of how the Archive’s actions in scanning books without permission and in some cases reformatting them differs from the actions of a regular library, which buys its books. She raises the issue of why copyright is worth protecting—and is not just a matter of greed on the part of authors.

I received a series of comments on this issue that introduced me to the Marrakesh Treaty, which allows authorized sites to provide books for print-disabled readers without author permission. You may find this news enlightening, as I did.

Check out the latest in this ongoing situation…

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A day in the life of Jim Webster.

Jim Webster


One day I will write a blog about how hot and dry everything is, how the dust hangs in the air, and the sun beats mercilessly down on us. But today is not the day. It’s still wet. In fact it’s beyond that, if you’ll pardon my French, it’s sodding wet.

You know when a day is out to get you. I backed the quad onto the quad trailer and went to hook the trailer on. The lock that fastens over the ball hitch wasn’t working. Whether it’s jammed with mud or what I don’t know, I made an executive decision that this wasn’t a problem I was going to deal with in the pouring rain. So I put the old trailer on.

This is twice the weight and probably about twice the width. It’s not a bad trailer but does have its issues.

So I put the feed in…

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Saturday Surprise — Hummingbirds

About our friends the hummingbirds.

Filosofa's Word

Spring.  I am ready for it.  Although the winter has been relatively mild, except for the first two weeks, I am nonetheless tired of grey skies, of rain/snow/sleet, and of having to don a jacket, or worse yet, coat/hat/gloves every time I go out.  And so, as my thoughts turn to spring, to warmth and sunshine, to flowers filling my teeny-tiny yard in a profusion of colour, and to the happy sounds of children’s voices playing in the yard and the “thunk-thud” sound their balls make hitting my kitchen windows.  Well, okay … some things I look forward to more than others.  Still …

As I was pondering the advent of spring, I happened across an article about one of my favourite spring/summer critters, the hummingbird.  I’ve always realized these were special little birds, but I never realized quite how special until I read this.  It is actually an excerpt…

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