How The Former Combat Veteran Rep. Bill Mast Feels About Banning Assault Weapons

The views of a former combat veteran.

Gronda Morin

When and if folks listen to the (NRA) National Rifle Association’s President Wayne LaPierre, the audience will get a full whiff of what the president’s base’s worldview is like. It is a true reflection of their belief system full of conspiracy theories, paranoia about the press and big government, with tons of anger about injustices thrown in for good measure.

The president’s campaign was rescued by the NRA at an early stage when it was floundering and so, the republican President Donald Trump owes this organization big time.

But he also has shown a willingness to at least consider some gun control measures.  We will have to see how these leaders respond to the young adults demanding that something be done to protect future students from suffering the loss of life and trauma they experienced on February 14, 2018, where a mass shooter with an AR15 weapon fired at teenagers…

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