Fired FBI Acting Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s Commentary /Washington Post

Ths firing was a scandal and I believe will be shown up as such.

Gronda Morin

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It was only a week ago, the 16th of March 2018 when the republican President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired the 21 year veteran of the FBI, the Acting Deputy Director Andrew McCabe allegedly for his lack of candor during an Inspector General’s review of the 2016 FBI’s Clinton email/ foundation probe. He was fired in an unprecedented rushed process just 48 hours before he was set to retire with his pension benefits, intact. And this occurred after the president had used Mr. McCabe as a punching bag for perceived acts of disloyalty for over a year.

The irony of the above set of circumstances is that the AG Jeffrey Sessions is claiming that he was totally unaware of himself having been a party to a FBI  investigation headed by Andrew McCabe, for a possible perjury charge. This was due to Mr. Sessions not admitting, when questioned, his…

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